In this compelling memoir Alicia shares stories of her life from trials to triumph. She recounts many situations that would have caused the average person to give up and throw in the towel on life itself. Surviving molestation, bullying, infidelity, domestic abuse, homelessness, miscarriage, trials of a single mother and questions of self worth are just a few of the many stories she shares. Women of all backgrounds will benefit from the powerful nuggets of wisdom she shares through her experiences. She demonstrates that one may fall, but must exude strength and get up no matter how many times life may knock them down. Her strength, will and determination will inspire all. “Through the Fire But I Don’t Smell Like Smoke” will encourage one to change their perspective in times of adversity. She exemplifies the true meaning of being refined by the fire of many afflictions and through grace has learned what it takes to pursue a journey of greatness to bec